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The Guarantee of Service

The Guarantee of Service

Ibergruas since its set up has focused its business strategy to offer a service to match the equipment that we distribute and rent, so from our 150 people, over 80% of them are near the custome: Salesmen, after sales service and mounting jobs .

IBERGRUAS as exclusive distributor in Spain of POTAIN cranes from more than 25 years only offers its customers the largest afersales network of the market. More than 12 centers strategically located throughout the Iberian Peninsula, workshops fully equipped with machines, tools and precision instruments, the specific ones (recommended by the manufacturer) to repair the cranes and platforms.

Because as important as the quality of the Potain crane and UNIC is definitely customer service, in addition to having our processes certified according to ISO-9002, IBERGRUAS is betting firmly to offer a fast and efficient service to all levels, a service that ensures our customers the repair in less than 8 hours since his announcement, for any model of our Potain rental fleet anywhere in Spain.

IBERGRUAS itself has a workforce of mechanics for assembly, maintenance and repair of its fleet and its customers.

In the event that an electronic breakdown happen, Ibergruas moves as quickly as possible a unit of the Technical Assistance Service that, if they cannot repair the part broken, they replaces it with another of equal or similar features to continue working without stop.

In addition to ensure its customers a high performance of their cranes, IBERGRUAS offers training courses for operators, editors, and users of PTDM, thereby the operator knows the machine and drive it safely following the procedure settle by the manufacturer, that in the end is the only one that has the perfect knowledge of the vicissitudes of each crane.

The service is available to you for:

1. To advise you on the ideal situation of the crane on the job site

2. Our ingeniers will do the mounting project.

3. To receive help with the logistics and transport of the crane.

4. Assembled and disassembled the crane.

5. Monitor and control the history recordings of the crane.

6. Deliver the catalog or other information in case you lose.

7. Perform a Maintenance Contract.

8. To deliver you Potain original spare part on a quick way

9. To Provide our costumers fully sets ready for immediate exchange of mechanisms.
We pursue the concept of providing costumers with more than just providing service: brilliant expert ideas for them to solute its problems.

Contact with us


Costumer service 902 12 12 45 0034 (9) 140 85 936